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About Research and Development

Research and DevelopmentセンターBased on outstanding polymer technology from Kanebo, we have our own polymerization technology.

As a polyester specialty manufacturer, we design and develop polyester resins according to applications such as injection molding and extrusion molding.

We also develop custom grades specialized for customer needs and conduct contract manufacturing.



Our Technology

Polymerization denaturation technology, production technology and evaluation technology are our core technologies.

Our core technologies address using different elements; we combine these technologies to offer products valuable to customers and markets.



Examples of Development

  • Soft PET (PRIT30) ... Transparent, soft PET with vinyl chloride-like drape property
  • Water-soluble PET ... PET which can be dissolved in hot water
  • UV absorbing polyester ... Polyester which absorbs light at 380 nm or below


Contract Manufacturing
For contract manufacturing, please refer to our 'Contract Manufacturing' page.

Company Equipment
For the equipment we own, please refer to the 'Introduction of Equipment and Appliances' page.


For inquiries

Please inquire through our 'Contact us' form.



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